AIIMS e-hospital data restored:

After being held by hackers for seven days, the data of the e-hospital in Delhi AIIMS is back on the server. However, right now, the work is being done manually here. The Delhi AIIMS server has been down since 23rd November. It is reported that it was hacked. There was news on Monday that hackers had demanded Rs 200 crore from Delhi AIIMS.

Before starting it, a high-level meeting was held in the Union Home Ministry on Tuesday. Officers from IB, NIA, Police, NIC, and AIIMS participated. The details of the meeting have not come out. But, AIIMS issued a release saying – the network is being sanitized before starting the services.

The network is being sanitized before starting the services. The process is taking some time due to the volume of data and the large number of servers/computers for the hospital services. Measures are being taken for cyber security. By Monday, 20 out of 50 systems had been sanitized. The whole process will take 4 more days.

Hackers had asked for 200 crores in cryptocurrency.

Those who hacked the server of the country’s largest government hospital AIIMS Delhi have demanded Rs 200 crore. Hackers have asked to make payments in cryptocurrency. News agency ANI had claimed this by quoting sources. However, the Delhi Police denied that any ransom was demanded.

The server was hacked on November 23 by a ransomware attack.

The server of AIIMS was hacked on 23 November by a ransomware attack. Due to this, the services of the hospital are getting badly affected. Patients are coming to the OPD and IPD of the hospital face difficulty getting treatment. Digital services like online appointment booking and teleconsultation were also affected due to the server outage. However, all these services are being run manually.

The complete cleaning of the network is likely to take another 5 days. After this, e-hospital services can be started. OPD, Emergency, In-Patient Laboratory, etc. services are being continued in manual mode.

What happened on 23 November? Understand the whole matter.

In AIIMS, at 6.45 am, there is a complaint about not receiving patients’ reports from the computer center of the Emergency Lab. After this, some similar calls start from the billing center and department. When the NIC team investigated, it was found that all the files were not opening on the main server.

When the team first tried to restore the files through the backup system, it was found that it, too, had been breached. Then on further investigation, it was found that the extension, i.e., the e-address on which the files are kept in the cloud, has also been changed. The matter of cyber attacks has been confirmed. For this, the help of the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) was also taken.









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