‘Children of mothers who have taken vaccine will be half human-half cow’ when doctors started a campaign against vaccine :

British doctors started saying women would be attracted to animals, especially bulls, after taking the vaccine. The children born out of this relationship will be neither human nor animal. Pamphlets were printed all over England, including London. Even the doctors went around dissuading people from taking the smallpox vaccine. They were anti-vaxxers.

The case of New Zealand’s Baby W is in the discussion. The child of about 6 months needed surgery and blood due to heart disease, but the parents started refusing to take blood.

They wanted the baby to get the blood of the one who had not taken the vaccine. Due to the parents’ stubbornness, the child’s life was in danger. Eventually, on the court’s orders, the health agency took his guardianship, and the surgery could be done.

The anti-vaccine campaign started here.

It was the beginning of the 18th century, and the vaccine against smallpox was made and started being given to the people. It was one of the deadly diseases of that century; that is, people should have been relieved after getting the vaccine, but it did not happen. In the beginning, there was a mild protest, then the thing which raised a whole group of people against the vaccine. Then came that thing which raised a whole group against the vaccine.

Strange logic given by doctors

William Rawley, a senior member of the British medical institution Royal College of Physicians, got a pamphlet printed in the year 1805 and got it installed in London.

The biggest danger was told in the prescription for applying the vaccine. This danger was because of women. According to Dr. Rawli, there will be some such chemical changes in the women taking the vaccine that they will have the desire to have sex with the bull.

This is how the children of the future will look.

Children born from this will start looking half human, half animal. Horns will grow on their heads and hooves instead of feet. Many other doctors were repeating this, including the famous physician of that era, Benjamin Mozelle.

From London, the leaflet spread across the UK.

Not only was there talk on this terrible side-effect of the vaccine in English on the pamphlet but it was also shown through photographs so that even those who could not read and write should stay away from the vaccine. Mozilla and Rawli started holding meetings all over the country for not taking the vaccine. It also had an effect. People turned against the vaccine, and the vaccine campaign remained cold for a long time.

Baby will be mentally weak.

After a few years, when the half-human-half-cow theory had no power left, and people started agreeing to take the vaccine, some new conspiracies sprung up. It was said that the child born after taking the vaccine would be autistic or challenged in some way. Some mistakes were also made by those who gave the vaccine, like using the same syringe. People remained angry even because of this.

After the Vaccination Act in the year 1853, the matter could cool down

However, a new thought came that we have the right to our bodies, and the government cannot force it. An organization named Anti-Vaccination League was formed, which helped such people to escape, who did not want to get vaccinated.

Vaccines came with time, but opposition remained.

DTP vaccine came in the seventies, against which Britain, America, Australia, and Asia stood up. Went. Most of the population here was afraid of taking the vaccine because they believed that it would weaken their mind. Films started being made against DTP, and even books were written.

A shot in the dark was widely read then.

There were many such claims in this that on taking the vaccine, the quality of the brain and the blood would deteriorate. But the biggest fear was about autism in future children and the children of vaccinated mothers would not developmentally. Meanwhile, another campaign was launched, which was called – Green Our Vaccine. Frightened, they demanded that all the chemicals be removed from the vaccine. Although this is not possible, otherwise, the vaccine will not be effective.

Against the vaccine till Trump

This happened almost 50 years ago, but even now, there is no dearth of anti-vaxxers in the world. Former US President Donald Trump himself belongs to this fraternity. Remind that during his stay in the post, he had linked the vaccine with autism many times. He kept repeatedly saying that the vaccine affects the brain of the future generation. Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had to say that autism has nothing to do with the vaccine.





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