Firing at Imran Khan’s rally, ex-PM injured:

Firing took place at the rally of former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. It is being told that the firing took place near Imran’s container. There are reports of many people getting injured during this. In some reports, one death is being claimed. However, Imran Khan is said to be safe. Police have arrested a person and took him to an unknown place.

Indian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi has said, “We are keeping a close watch on the incident that has just happened, and we are going to keep a close eye on the incident that happened at Pakistan’s former PM Imran Khan’s rally in Wazirabad, Pakistan. Will keep an eye on the ongoing developments.”

Imran Khan injured in AK-47 attack. According to Geo TV, Imran sustained a bullet injury in his right leg and was taken to Lahore for treatment in a bullet proof vehicle. One person has also died in this attack. MP Faisal Javed Khan, who was present with Imran Khan, has been badly injured.

According to the local media of Pakistan, the condition of Imran Khan is out of danger. Doctors are monitoring his condition. Imran Khan’s first statement after the attack has also come. He said that Allah has given me a new life. I will fight again.
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According to Pakistan’s ARY News report, Imran Khan has been injured due to bullet injuries. He sustained a bullet injury in his right leg and was taken to a nearby hospital. Imran’s close aide Fawad Chaudhry said that Imran has been shot in the leg. PTI leader Farrukh Habib said, cowards have shown their faces. Imran Khan is injured in the attack. The whole country should pray for his well being.

Footage from Jio TV showed that 70-year-old Khan sustained an injury on his right leg. Police shifted Imran from the container to a bullet proof vehicle. The channel reported that one person has been arrested from the spot and the police has taken him to an undisclosed location. Initially it was reported that Imran Khan is safe and some people have been injured. However, it was later revealed that Imran was also injured. There are also reports that Senator Faisal Javed, a close aide of Khan, was also injured in the attack.

Pakistani minister said – Imran is safe, will give strict punishment to the culprits
Pakistani Minister Muhammad Basharat Raja said that Punjab CM has taken strict cognizance of the firing incident near Imran Khan’s container and as per ground reports the attacker has been arrested. The Pakistani minister said in a tweet on Thursday, Imran Khan is safe. The CM has taken strict cognizance of the firing incident near the container. A report has been sought from IG Punjab. According to the ground report, the culprit has been arrested. All those involved in this will soon be brought to justice.

Imran’s close told the whole incident: Fawad Chaudhary, who was a minister in Imran Khan’s government and considered close to the former PM, while giving information about the incident, said that the attack took place with the intention of killing the former PM of Pakistan. He has been shot in his right leg. Chaudhary said that the attacker fired from an AK-47.

Attacker caught: According to Pakistani media, the person who opened fire was caught by the people around and handed over to the police. His name is being told as Naveed. Imran’s party is also apprehension of opposition parties being behind the attack.

Why is Imran Khan taking out the march? Let us tell you that Imran Khan is taking out Azadi March (Imran Khan Rally) against the current government of Pakistan since October 28. Through rallies in all the cities, they are trying to make the public in their favor. Actually, the Election Commission of Pakistan has canceled the membership of Imran Khan’s Parliame.

Imran Khan is accused of giving wrong information about the gift he received while being the Prime Minister. Imran Khan is accused that the gifts he had received were first deposited in the Toshakhana (government treasury) and later bought at a cheap price. Then earn money by selling these gifts at expensive prices.

Imran Khan’s ISI also clashed: There has also been a conflict between Imran Khan and Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI. The ISI chief had accused Imran Khan of treason in the past and claimed that he (Imran) had made a special offer to the Pakistani army chief to save his government.

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