Oxygen demand increased in the second wave of Kovid-19: Ministry of Home Affairs:

According to the Annual Report of the Ministry of Home Affairs for 2021-22, during the second wave of coronavirus in the country, the Ministry has directed the States, Union Territories, and various concerned to ensure the supply of medical oxygen in the treatment of moderate to severe COVID-19 patients. Coordinated with the parties.

The report said, ‘There was an increase in the cases of Kovid-19 from April 2021 and as a result, the demand for oxygen, redeliver, and other life-saving drugs for the treatment of moderate and severe patients of Kovid-19 increased.’ It said it has taken several steps to ensure an adequate and uninterrupted supply of essential medical oxygen as well as life-saving drugs including redeliver. It said it coordinated to ensure uninterrupted transport and supply of medical oxygen from the oxygen plant and ordered a ban on the use of medical oxygen for industrial purposes and its use for medical purposes for the management of COVID-19. paved the way.

Home Ministry has taken many steps

The report said, ‘From April 2021, the pace of corona cases was increasing. Due to this, the demand for medical oxygen, remdesivir, and other life-saving drugs for the treatment of Kovid patients has increased. The Home Ministry said that it has taken several steps to ensure an adequate and continuous supply of essential medical oxygen as well as life-saving medicines including Remdesivir.

The Ministry of Home Affairs facilitates the movement of medical oxygen across the country as per the approved allocation plan, coordinates seamless supply and transportation of Remdesivir and other essential drugs, lifts high-capacity tankers from overseas by Indian Air Force transport aircraft Made arrangements, and advised the States/UTs to instruct the District Magistrates to take action to restart the closed Oxygen Generating Plants.

The report said that these efforts ensured the availability of oxygen at the district level as well as an uninterrupted supply of medical oxygen through normal channels. The ministry mentioned that it had set up a 1,000-bed temporary hospital in Delhi in June 2020 due to the non-availability of beds in the hospitals following a sudden spike in the number of COVID-19 cases in the national capital.

One thousand-bed hospital prepared in Delhi

The ministry said that in June 2020, a 1000-bed temporary hospital was set up after a sudden spike in cases of corona in Delhi. The hospital was restarted during the second wave of Corona in April of the following year. In addition, the home ministry helped set up 500-bed hospitals in Bihar’s Patna and Muzaffarnagar and 16 RTPCR labs in nine states.


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