Woman shopping alone in Afghanistan flogged:

In Afghanistan, the Taliban publicly flogged a woman. Her crime was that she went shopping without any man. A video of the incident has surfaced.

It can be seen in the video that the woman is sitting on the ground, and a man is continuously lashing her. It is not yet clear when the incident took place. Human rights organizations have demanded the United Nations investigate such incidents happening under the Taliban government.

Girls without hijab were not given entry into the university, such incidents are now common.

Every day such painful videos are coming out from Afghanistan, where atrocities on women are seen. Earlier on November 29, the Taliban had stopped some girls from entering the university in the Balkh area. Because he did not cover his face properly.

United Nations expert said – an investigation should be done under international law.

15 months have passed since the Taliban took over Afghanistan. During this, many rights activists have appealed to the UN regarding protecting women’s rights. In this episode, on November 25, a UN team of experts agreed that the crimes committed against women under the rule of the Taliban should be investigated under international laws.

Public executions return to Afghanistan.

The practice of public executions has returned since the Taliban took over Afghanistan. First, on November 24, the Taliban beat 12 people accused of moral crimes in front of a crowd of thousands in a football stadium. Among these 12 people, 3 women were also involved. According to a Taliban official, these people were accused of theft, adultery, and gay sex. This was the second time in November that the Taliban had punished people in a public place for a crime.

Last month 19 people got such a punishment.

According to a BBC report, a similar case came to light from Takhar Province in Afghanistan last week. 19 people were punished for this. In Nuristan province, a woman was beaten for listening to music. In this way, punishing in public places started after the orders of the Supreme Leader of the Taliban, Hibatullah Akhundzada. All these punishments are being given according to Sharia law.

Know what is the Sharia law of Afghanistan

The Taliban had indicated in the press conference after overtaking Afghanistan that Sharia law would apply to many issues in the country. Sharia is like a legal system for the people who believe in Islam. There are laws on many big issues ranging from everyday life. Sharia is mentioned in the Quran, the holy book of Islam, and in the Sunna and Hadith, the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. The offenses under these laws are considered to be directly defying God. Sharia law describes the way of life.

Violation of Sharia is punished severely.

All Muslims are expected to live their lives according to these laws. Sharia law governs every aspect of a Muslim’s daily life, including what to do and what not to do. Sharia includes laws related to family, finance, and business. Drinking, using, or smuggling drugs is one of the biggest crimes under Sharia law here. When a person breaks this law, it is considered a crime against God. This is the reason why there are strict punishment rules for these crimes.

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